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Weather Alert for Friday, March 6, 2015; we will try to open as soon as we safely can.  (Hopefully no later than 10:00 a.m.)  We are sorry for any inconvenience, stay safe!

Merger Update

To:                          The membership of the Richmond Virginia Fire- Police Credit Union Inc. (formerly the Richmond Fire Department Credit Union Inc. and the Richmond Police Department Credit Union Inc.) as of February 28, 2015.

From:                    Wallace L. Garland, President/CEO                        

Subject:               The latest on the merger for Richmond Virginia Fire-Police Credit Union Inc. (RVA FP CUI)

First, a couple of personal notes: THANKS to our combined staff and the volunteers for working to get through this merger. Your dedication is duly noted and needed as we get closer to the ultimate. The vendors we are working with have been a pleasure as well. Lastly, to our members, please continue to reach out to our staff during this crunch time. Managing this merger is not allowing me to give that personal touch that I have been famous for. My desire is to get this merger completed with as little inconvenience to the masses as possible.

Now to those moving pieces:


We have actually moved many steps forward since January 31, 2015. The two operating data processors, as well as two Visa Credit, two Visa Debit, two ACH processing, two shares, two loans, two share draft accounts, and two telecommunication systems remain as is, but we are closer to making them one each. As of now, April 1st (April Fool's Day) is when we show our grits. You have hung in with us to this point, please remain patient.


To be pro-active, may I suggest that you get your week-end cash no later than the morning of Friday, March 13th. The refinishing of the second floor of Richmond Fire Station# 10 should be completed on March 13'h. The telecommunication lines for both fire and police buildings are to be shut down during the afternoon of the 13th. The telephone lines and the computer system for the Fire building will be moved and reconnected the afternoon of the

13th. The Police office will remain open on the afternoon of the 13th but will be without telephone service briefly.  Any bugs at this point will be worked out over that week-end.


We anticipate closing the Fire office around 1:00 p.m. on 03/13/2015.  If all goes well, the Police building will open on Monday March 16th, at its usual time. The Fire building will remain closes as we move into Fire Station# 10. We plan to open the Fire office at 900 Hermitage Road on Tuesday, March 17th.  A new stairchair will be installed during the week of 03/17. We will try to do this as an after-hours project, but there are no guarantees. We will follow this up with cleaning out the place (1634 Ownby Lane) that we have been leasing for the past 18 months.


 As the merger process moves along, our members should continue to:

a)    Go to their current credit union building (i.e. Police to 200 West Grace or Fire to 1634 Ownby [900 Hermitage Road after 03/16/2015.])

b)   Continue using the same telephone numbers you are presently using at the perspective buildings. (The telephone systems integration should occur on March 13th.)

c)    Be prepared to show or prove identity until our revamped staff become more accustomed to serving you. Our combined staff now includes in alphabetical order: Christina Bridgers (Fire, Operations-ACH, Back Office, Loans, Member Services), Glenn Grooms (Fire, Vice President, ACH, Back Office, Loans, Member Services), Lizzie Hayes ( Police, Member Services), Gregory Johnson (Police, Operations-Loans), Judy Morris ( Police, Operations-Loans, Compliance, Website), LeZena Pollard Police, Branch Manager, Back-Office, Loans), June Spencer (Police, Member Services), Shanna Watford (Fire-Member Services), and Mary Jane West (Fire,  Operations-Loans, Share Drafts, Member Services.)

d)   You should continue to use your current institution's Visa Credit Card. When their visa credit card expires, our police members will receive a replacement card from Fire. A name change (RVA FP CUI) will appear on the cards in the future. These cards will move over to the "Chip" card during late 2015 or early 2016. Lost or stolen credit cards can be reported at 1-800-808-7230.

e)   Consider getting some extra cash for 03/30/2015 through 04/01/2015.

f)    The Police debit card system cannot migrate over in the merger. Our Police members will receive a replacement Fire Debit Cards around the 20th of March. You cannot select your own P.I.N. (personal identification number.)  You will need to activate your replacement card. Your old debit card will be honored until 3:00a.m. on 03/31/2015.  Your replacement Fire Debit card will be in a stand-in mode from 12:01a.m. on 03/31/2015 until8:30 a.m. on 04/01/2015.    A name change (RVA FP CUI) will appear on the cards in the future.  Lost or stolen debit cards can be reported at 1-800-888-0085 option# 3.

g)       If you are a Police member who uses the internet banking features, please save your old statements in a pdf mode or some other type of storage device. As of April1, 2015; you will not be able to access the old information.

h)   You should continue to use your current internet website and internet banking. (We have a company to generating a new combined website but it will not go on line until after the data processing merger is completed on 03/31/2015.)

i)     If you have payroll deductions or automatic clearinghouse transactions (ACH's) these will continue to be routed to your current institution. (This process will be consolidated into one shortly after April, 2015.)

j)     Loan request processing will continue at their respected locations for the time being. (Police Loans conducted at 200 West Grace Street and Fire Loans conducted at 1634 Ownby lane [900 Hermitage Road as of 03/17/2015.]  Eventually members will be able to go to either location for a loan request.)

k)   Because we are doing away with police data processor, a new mobile banking app will be required and put into use after April 1st for all members. We ask for your patience as this project moves ahead.

I)    As of February 27, 2015, we have closed the fund established for Richmond Police Officer William Turner. He has expressed his thanks numerous times for the donations and the prayers.


If you run into any problem(s) pertaining to the above, please do not hesitate to call either (804) 354-0673 (Fire) or (804) 780-1001 (Police.)  We will work to resolve any and all problems as swiftly as possible.

THANKS for the opportunity to serve the best memberships in the credit union world.


Wallace L. Garland, President

About the Richmond Police Department CU

Our credit union is state chartered since 1934 and is governed by the State Corporation Commission. It is supervised and examined by the State Corporation Commission. Deposits (shares) are insured up to $250,000.00 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. The NCUA is a federal agency whose chairperson is appointed by the President of the United States. The NCUASIF is the strongest federal insurance agency around. Our Staff and Board members are always available to the membership.

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